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Surfaces - For all the “what if’s” in design

As an aircraft designer you want to understand the properties of your design. Perhaps you want to compare it to other aircraft, not to mention get solid answers to a variety of what-if questions, such as:

  • What happens to trim drag if you re-size the horizontal tail or change your wing’s aspect ratio?
  • How much wing twist should you incorporate to promote favorable stall characteristics while not impacting cruise drag too much?
  • How much torsion, shear, and bending loads will the wings have to react? How much stick force will the pilot experience when deflecting the ailerons at a give flight condition?
  • What is the minimum required elevator deflection at forward CG in the landing configuration?
  • What do your airplane’s Phugoid or Dutch Roll modes look like?
  • Are they satisfactorily damped?

There are hundreds of other questions that all require hard-to-get answers. Until now.