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Composite Analyzer
  • Features

    • Determine stresses and strains in composite laminates
    • Analyze as many laminates simultaneously
    • Bondline stress analysis
    • Flange stress analysis
    • Failure loads
    • Progressive failure analysis
    • Define and maintain material and layup libraries

  • Description

    Do you need to determine stresses and strains in composite laminates? If so, the Composite Analyzer 6 is the tool for you. This software is developed in the aerospace industry and has no match when comes to simplicity in use.

    The Composite Analyzer 6 comes with a Multi-Document Interface which allows you to analyze as many laminates simultaneously as computer resources permit. It comes with a number of features that have proven very useful in a true industry environment. Among those are bondline stress analysis, flange stress analysis, failure loads (first-ply failure), progressive failure analysis, and more. It gives you full control over each ply and allows you to turn them on or off at will. This feature is great for predicting whether failed plies will lead to a catastrophic failure of the laminate. Furthermore, the software allows you to define and maintain material and layup libraries. These, in turn, enable you to create and analyze laminates lightning fast!

    The software has 7 built in failure criteria; Maximum Stress, Quadratic Stress, Tsai-Hill, Norris-McKinnon, Hashin-Rotem, Tsai-Wu, and Hoffman. The user can also define own failure criteria.

    Additionally, the Composite Analyzer 6 features a Load Object module, which is a novel database format that stores information on layup and loads on a structure in a 3D space. The user can point and click anywhere on the object to retrieve detailed information and create a laminate for analysis. If you are preparing to set up a maintainance program for a composite structure, consider Load Objects in the Composite Analyzer 6. You are in for greater time savings than you can imagine! To learn more about the Composite Analyzer, visit our training page.