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    Bolt Analyzer

  • Features

    • Interactively place fasteners and eccentric loads
    • Identify failed fasteners
    • Analyze lugs using standard aerospace methods
    • Create an analysis report

  • Description

    Do you need to analyze and optimize a complicated fastener pattern? If so, let the Bolt Analyzer do the job for you. Interactively place fasteners and eccentric loads and move around. Watch the fastener loads change instantly! The program will immediately identify a failed fastener for you by placing a red X through it. Simultaneously analyze multiple patterns on the same worksheet to determine which layout best suits your design intent. Analyze lugs using standard aerospace methods. Maintain material and fastener libraries so you don’t have to spend time searching through the poorly designed layouts of NAS, MS, and AN manuals. The program will even create an analysis report showing all inputs, calculations, and output. It is designed to replace standard stress notes for eccentric load analysis. It just looks nicer!

    The Bolt Analyzer is ideal for Structural Engineers and Designers who want to be able to quickly analyze simple to complicated fastener patterns. The software will cut analysis time from 30-60 minutes per pattern to 1 minute. Guaranteed! If you have to determine loads in multiple fastener patterns, this program will pay for itself in 2-4 hours! And you will appreciate the reliable results. For more technical information on the bolt analyzer, please visit our training page.