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    Beam Analyzer 2.0

  • Features

    • 2D stress analysis
    • Wing spar sizing
    • Control system load analysis
    • Shear-moment-rotation diagram

  • Description

    When you need to quickly create shear and moment diagrams or analyze complicated 2D structures, think Beam Analyzer. This program meets the need for a very fast, simple to use, and powerful finite element analysis (FEA) software.

    The Beam Analyzer is great for any 2D stress analysis; wing spar sizing, control system load analysis, shear-moment-rotation diagram, etc. Create your model with a mouse-click, apply loads and constraints, and simply press the Solve icon. That’s it. You can determine a large number of structural properties, including stress, strain, section properties, internal loads, and more. You can optimize any structure with respect to weight, making the program ideal to design strong but light structures. The program even automatically checks your model for errors and helps you complete your analysis. Place dimension lines to help you visualize the size of your model, see forces, displacements, dimensions, etc. with actual units. See stresses and forces represented in logical colors; shades of red for tension, shades of blue for compression. All this, seamlessly packaged, relieving you of the hassle of having to jumping from one program to another when performing finite element analyses.

    The Beam Analyzer is ideal for Engineers, Architects, and Designers who want to estimate strength of structures, fast. It’s also great for teachers and professors training the next generation of engineers, as the software displays models much like textbooks! Experienced engineers know that meeting a deadline is a paramount element of most design projects. Then, good tools are needed to quickly weed out poor designs. The Beam Analyzer is such a tool. You can design and analyze 2D models in a fraction of the time it takes in standard FE packages. You will find yourself resorting to it frequently! To get more detailed information about the Beam Analyzer, please go to our training page.